• Amrawati Infradevelopers LLP


These recreational venues feature various attractions, rides, shows, and activities centered around a specific theme or concept. They are designed to provide visitors with entertainment, thrill, and an immersive experience.

A designated time and space where individuals can engage in physical activities and exercise freely without any structured classes or formal instruction. Anyone can pursue their fitness goals at their own pace, focusing on exercises that suit their interests and needs.

Our kids Play area comes with colorful and sturdy play structures like swings, slides, climbing frames, jungle gyms, and see-saws. The ground is covered with soft and impact-absorbing materials to reduce the risk of injury from falls. Benches in seating areas are available for parents, guardians, or caregivers to supervise the children while they play.

A clearly demarcated and well-defined jogging track or trail is present in Jogger’s Park. These tracks are levelled and smooth to make jogging and running easier. The park offers a cool and tranquil setting for exercising thanks to its lush vegetation and well-kept grass. Along the jogging paths, distance markers and directional signs are frequently placed.

A well-designed and aesthetically pleasant combination of man-made components, such as gardens, parks, and architectural features, creates a beautiful landscape. A landscape’s ability to inspire wonder, serenity, and a love of nature is frequently what makes it beautiful.